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29 Dec, 08 > 4 Jan, 09
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ideal airline
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Sun, 28 Dec 2008
1337 Airlines: Never get screwed by air travel again!
Mood:  sharp
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Topic: ideal airline

What is the ideal airline?

In my opinion, an ideal airline does not force passengers on one flight to take another flight simply because the pilot got drunk and is now incapacitated. An ideal airline would train its pilots in cockpit self-defense so that hijackers would not be able to take the plane and kamikaze them into national symbols (my opinion of any terrorist who does this is simple: motherf%$#ing son of a royal fundamentalist b%$#@!!!!). My ideal airline would be a community airline cooperative, known as Aiki Airways, an aikido-themed green-tech, trance-music-playing, international-routing, code-sharing, 7E7- and A380-flying, bad-ass-pilot club that routinely flies straight routes guided by GPS and braves any weather and picks up and drops off along the way lost runaway kids who don't have the money for a ticket and want to go back to their mom and dad.

My ideal airline would be  midsized, membership-based, low-value-dues, large-member-community, international (and in the future intergalactic), apolitical, privately-owned and privately-operated, run by an Executive Director instead of a CEO (meaning it's nonprofit), and friendly to people and sentient beings of all ethnicities, species and planets of origin.

My ideal airline would kick the a@#es of most major airlines that exist today.

 That's my ideal airline. How about you? To respon, log in or join Tripod and put in your reply.

Posted by Sparrowhawk at 20:55 EST
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